The Ivisan, Capiz

The logo of the municipality of Ivisan
The municipality of Ivisan established and became a pueblo in the year 1815, through the help of the late ancestors and government officials of the Spaniards. Ivisan is the gateway going to Roxas City from the different municipalities here in Capiz and the other cities here in Region VI. It is also a fourth income class municipality.

The municipality of Ivisan is only half hour of travelling from the City of Roxas. This municipality is can be found here in Capiz, which serves as the one of the gate way of the different municipalities in Capiz such as Municipality of Sapian, Municipality of Sigma, Municipality of Mambusao, Municipality of Dao, Municipality of Cuartero, Municipality of Dumalag, Municipality of Jamindan, Municipality of Dumarao  and Municipality of Tapaz. 

The residents of the municipality of Ivisan were proud to have different resorts and beach resorts in their beloved municipality. And having a beach that surrounded by a white-fine sand and crystal-clear water as well.

The municipality of Ivisan is consider as the smallest municipality here in Capiz. And even though it is a small one, the municipality of Ivsian is also active in saving Mother Earth and preventing the cleanliness of the said municipality. Infact, it is also consider as one of the cleanest municipality.

In the year of 2008, the municipality of Ivisan received two awards that serves as evidence that the municipality of Ivisan is a cleanest municipality together with the other municipalities in Capiz, in the "Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran" . 

The Spanish government helped Ivisanon to have there own name for their village. It's because ,the people who lived here long time ago has the principal livelihood of fishing, and every time they fish, they always told to their company that "let's go and catch some ibis!", this helped the Spaniards to established a name of "Ibisan" to the said village. But later on, the Spanish scholars have a preference of the letter "B" to "V", they used to change the name "Ibisan" to "Ivisan" which was more convenient and agreed by the residents of the village and the Spanish government. This how the name of Ivisan started.

The municipality of Ivisan has an interesting history for it's own good. Before it became a third class municipality, the forefathers or the ancestors experienced a lot of things and events. But they overcome it because of the great faith, perseverance and a very good leadership of their leader.

But because of the said qualities of the residents who live in this municipality, the municipality of Ivisan became progressive and successful for having a good establishments and having a responsible citizens. There are a lot of higher government officials of the different municipalities in Capiz and in the whole Republic of the Philippines as well help the municipality of Ivisan to become a stable one.